Solar Rebate Melbourne

Solar Rebate Melbourne

Benefit From Solar Rebates in Melbourne

Do you own or rent your property in Melbourne and want a solar rebate? You may qualify to install a solar power system for $0 upfront fees. The federal and state governments have created an incentive program to help Australians move to renewable and sustainable energy. The government will give you thousands of dollars to pay for your solar panels and installation.

At Energy Saviours, we offer quality solar products and services to help people become energy reliant. We have been in the industry for five years, meaning we know everything about solar. Our team is happy to give you the information you need about solar rebates. We do not want you to remain behind as the world goes green. Besides lowering your electricity bills, solar power will reduce your carbon footprint. You will also attract more customers to your business since people associate with companies that care about the environment and society.

Applying for a Solar Rebate in Melbourne

The Victorian government provides a rebate for home and business owners in Melbourne who want to install a solar panel and solar battery system. The factors considered for eligibility include;

  • Your combined household taxable income for the installation property must be below $180,000
  • The installation property must be worth less than $3 million
  • You must have a quote from a Solar Homes authorised solar retailer
  • You haven’t already received a Solar Homes PV or battery rebate

You will also need council rates notice for the installation property and proof of income if you wish to apply for a solar panel or battery rebate. An authorised solar retailer will upload your quote to the Solar Victoria Portal, and you will receive an email with a link to the portal to retrieve the quote and start your application. Remember that you will not pay your solar retailer any money until the government confirms your eligibility.

Solar Rebate Melbourne
Solar Rebate Melbourne

Lower Your Energy Cost With Solar Rebate in Melbourne

Solar rebates help Melbourne residents save even more when switching to solar energy. We understand that choosing a solar system for your property is challenging. Fortunately, Energy Saviours work with reputable brands like Jinko and Trina to ensure you have a quality product. We will visit your property for an inspection and determine your power needs. Our team will help you select a solar system to meet your needs.

Ensure you have your paperwork handy before you begin applying for a rebate. You will need your identity, documents to prove your income, and the most recent council rates notice to prove property ownership. If the property has multiple owners, you must show proof of income for each person named as an owner. The documents that prove your income depend on your income status and how you pay your tax.

Let us help you apply for a solar rebate in Melbourne and enjoy years of energy dependency.