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1. Savings: You can consume your energy production, which may be cheaper compared to buying it from grid

2. Low maintenance: A solar panel system does not have moving parts thus leading to literally nil maintenance. This further adds to your savings.

3. Protection: The solar panel laid on roof absorbs the sunrays which does not heat the roof, ultimately keeps the house cool during the summer or hot times.

4. Sustainability: Solar panel system gives you clean and green energy. It reduces impact on exhaustion of fossil fuels and helps preserve nature.
1. Capital outlay: A solar panel system now does not require any intiall outlay. Further any support from Federal or state makes getting a system hugely beneficial. Equally the savings are incredibly and you will be cashing them for 25 plus years, the alternative to it would be to see bills going higher and higher each year.

2. Maintenance required: Though this is not a challenge actually. All it may take is a professional cleaning just before the start of spring-summer season, so you can get the best of the system and season.
Panel manufactured considering the various parameters – seasons/sunshine/heat from sun/winds/weather conditions. There is ongoing technological advancements which improves the specifications of the panel, which make them better and better. The panel in today’s era comes with 10-12-15-25 year’s product warranties and mostly 25-30 years performance warranties. This implies that better quality panel may last at least 25 years.
Ideally north, next west, next east! There is very marginal difference in the production between these directions.
Sun rays are absorbed by solar panels throughout the day. The panel convert the sun rays into direct current electricity. The direct current electricity is altered into alternating current via an inverter. The alternating current is then either sent to house hold to be used or stored in a battery or sent across to the power grid.
If you are connected to the grid even after the solar panel system is installed, you will still receive electricity bills. The bill amount may have changed depending on the system size, your consumption, weather conditions, etc. If you are not connected to the grid, you may not receive any bill.
Yes, it will produce with partial efficiency.